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"LIFES" To New Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amp

Luxman will release new "L-507Z" integrated amplifier that uses the amplification feedback engine "LIFES" in late October. The price is 693,000 yen in Japan.

This is the second model that uses LIFES, following the flagship power amplifier "M-10X" announced by the company in August.

As the first of the Z series equipped with a new amplifier circuit, Luxman explained, it is a model that "further enhances the perfection as an integrated amplifier circuit as well as sound quality" other than functionality.

LIFES is an abbreviation for Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System. While inheriting the conventional concept of ODNF circuit that "feedback only the distortion component detected by the difference between output and input".

It adopts a 3-stage Darlington 3-parallel push-pull configuration and supports a rated output of 220W + 220W (4Ω). The 88-step electronically controlled attenuator "New LECUA 1000" takes into consideration the deterioration of sound quality when adjusting the volume. It also has a newly developed phono equalizer amplifier circuit that supports MM / MC.

Moreover, the discrete buffer circuit is carried in the output part of a preamplifier, and the power amplifier of the next stage is powerfully driven. High inertia power supply that combines a high-regulation transformer and 10,000 μF x 8 large-capacity capacitors is used as the power supply.

The internal wiring use the original OFC wire for each core spiral wrap shield and non-plated core wire. In addition, the large speaker relay and speaker terminals in the parallel configuration are directly wired, a beeline construction that configures the audio signal with the optimum and shortest route and a round pattern wiring board that realizes smooth current transmission are adopted.

The housing uses an extra-thick front panel with a blaster white finish and aluminum top panel, It uses a large cast iron feets to protects it from unnecessary vibration, and a loopless chassis structure with an independent construction that suppresses the rise in ground impedance and the influence of the generated magnetic field.

Featuring Luxman signature analog meter with white LED lighting and seven segment LED for volume level display is installed in the center of the large left and right meters. It also has an electronically controlled bass/treble tone control, an LR balance adjustment function controlled by LECUA, and a mute button that can be operated by remote control.

In addition to the conventional Φ6.3mm headphone output, a new Φ4.4mm terminal with independent left and right ground wiring is installed, the gold-plated AC inlet is designed to handle the weight of the cable, come with Luxman "JPA-10000i" AC power cable.

Total four Inputs of phono (MM/MC), two balanced, one separate input/output.

A and B two speaker outputs, and can output at the same time. Oversize 18mm deep RCA inputs, which is compatible with large plugs, and uses a copper alloy that has the same conductivity as copper and hardness close to that of brass.

Includes a aluminum remote controller that can also operate the company's CD players (released after 1996). A new control input/output terminal is installed on the back, and it is planned to support remote control signals between compatible devices and remote operation in the future. In addition, by providing a trigger input/output terminal, power supply interlocking between corresponding devices can be performed.

The external dimensions are W 400mm x H 178mm x D 454mm (15.75x 7 x 17.8 Inch), weight 25.4kg (56lbs).

Total harmonic distortion is 0.007% or less (1kHz / 8Ω) and 0.03% or less (20Hz-20kHz / 8Ω).

Frequency response 20Hz-100kHz, and the SN ratio is 105dB or more.

Only question is how much they are going to priced them in the U.S?

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