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DAC Comparison, Musician Draco R2R Vs. SMSL DO200

IF you are wondering what DAC to buy without over spending but it can still gives you great features and sound, these two DACs could be ultimate answer for you, both can be incredibly good and musical in any type of system.

I said it base on my experience with them in my system, which consists KEF R11 Speaker (6,000USD), Denon PMA-SX11 Integrated Amplifier (4,500USD), Sony HAP-Z1ES (2,000USD), Playing Audirvana with MacBook Pro.

Starting with Musician Audio Draco R2R DAC, simply I like the way it sound, it was like listening to top notch analog rig like tonality with accurate notes, it provided me deep sound stage with slight warmish tonality in my system. Which I truly enjoy listening for all types of music including modern pop to classic rock. But keep in mind it does not have Pre stage or remote control, it just a pure DAC only and no Bluetooth either, if you are after that you won't be disappointed. My favorite part is NOS.

Next great option is S.M.S.L DO200 DAC with many features, it can do Pre, Bluetooth, MQA and remote control etc.,

Sound quality is even more impressive for what I hear in my system, good resolution with very quiet back ground, most importantly neutral tonality with slight hint of warmth on middles frequencies, it just simply DAC to enjoy your music.

Remember it can be Pre/DAC, just connect with your favorite power amplifier.

Each of these DACs, whether R2R or Delta Sigma they are incredible bargains for each price point, personally I slightly prefered Draco . You can't go wrong with either or, Highly Recommended!

Sound samples with KEF R11 Speaker & Denon PMA-SX11 Amplifier, Recorded from 10ft Away Stationary Microphones.

Music by Janis Ian

My Preferred Headphones for online sound sample are, Sony MDR-7506 Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Associated Equipments;

KEF R11 Speaker eBay

CSS Audio 2TD-X Towers , 1TD-X Bookshelf Speakers

Denon PMA-SX11 Integrated Amplifier

PS Audio AC-12 Power Cable

Sony HAP-Z1ES Music Server


Topping E50 DAC

Musician Draco R2R DAC

Aperion V8T Speaker (Get 10% Off with TBR10 Coupon Code)

Oyaide Neo D+ Class A USB Cable

Monoprice Premiere XLR Cables

Mogami Gold XLR Cables

AudioQuest King Cobra RCA Cables

AudioQuest Big Sur RCA Cables

Belden 8402 XLR Cables

Oyaide Black Mamba Alpha AC Power Cord

TBR Custom Speaker Cable

TBR Custom AC Power Cables Shielded Version

If you use these links above to purchase any items from Amazon or eBay(No Extra Cost To You), I get a small percentage which help support my work and helps me keep going.

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