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Bowers & Wilkins All New Diamond 4 Series

"Bowers & Wilkins All New Diamond 4 Series" is announced with new improvements in overall design and technology, legendary 801 name is reintroduce as the new flagship model of the series, previously held by 800.

Aluminum housing of the iconic tweeter design is improved with extended internal tube-loading system to 30cm, decoupled from turbine head underneath (801,802,803 mid-range driver housing).

The turbine head is also decoupled from bass enclosure, continuum midrange driver inside of the turbine head is also decoupled from aluminum housing with spring mounted design.

Bass and midrange units share same continuum cone technology, with FST (Fixed Suspension Transducers) in floor standers with all new patented biomimetic suspension system with new composite material to reduce unwanted air pressure.

Cast aluminum tops are nicely finished with Connolly leather.

New Diamond 4 series consists seven models starting with 801, 802, 803, 804, 805 & HTM81, HTM82 center speakers for home theatre use, all pricing is listed below.

Flagship models in the history of B&W Diamond Series. (below)

New Flagship 801 D4 (below)

Caster system in the large Diamond 4 towers is improved for easier maneuvering.

Bass drivers are aerofoil cone with different in thickness with carbon fiber skin with light syntactic foam core and anti resonance plug for bass driver to lower the distortion.

Most improved model in the range is 804 D4, the design and performance of 804 D4 is elevated with featuring same reverse wrap aesthetic as larger models, which improves the stiffness of the cabinet, it means pretty much same as more expensive 803 D4 except for the lack of turbine head for midrange driver.

Baffle of 804 D4 is reinforced with aluminum, exactly as larger 800 Diamond models. It also feature rear mounted crossover design with long back aluminum spine and top.

Same downward firing port and plinth design as floorstanders in the higher price in the line.

The new 805 D4 also adopt the same reverse wrap design as bigger Diamond 4 siblings, according to B&W, highly curved cabinets are noticeably stiffer and have less unwanted resonance.

805 D4 aluminum top is also wrap in Connolly leather, top of that is elongated billet aluminum tweeter housing with improved decoupling.

Both models comes with individual round grills in all color range.

Those are the highlights of new Diamond 4 series, I can't wait to test and share my experience of new Dimond 4 series with my audience, stay tuned.

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