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Accuphase C-2900 Fully Balanced Pre-Amp Announced

Accuphase will release a fully balanced preamplifier "C-2900" that uses its own volume control function "Balanced AAVA". The price is 1,430,000 yen. In addition, the optional phono equalizer unit "AD-2900" MM/MC phono stage has also been announced, and the price is 242,000 yen, both to be released in November.

C-2900 will be the successor to the "C-2850" released in 2016. "Balanced AAVA" that improves the original "AAVA" that controls the volume without using a variable resistor, which was first installed in "C-3800", in a balanced configuration. A perfectly balanced configuration from input to output.

All circuits are discrete, from input amplifiers to VI conversions, IV conversions, and output amplifiers. The input amplifier is a ultra low noise current feedback type, high gain, and low distortion. The headphone amplifier section is also discrete with two parallel push-pull design.

The regulated power supply is discretely configured for the input amplifier, AD option, and other amplifiers.

Newly developed a large-capacity filter capacitor of 10,000 μF, and equipped with a total of 4 capacitors, totaling 40,000 μF. The transformer is the same as the "C-3900", and crosstalk is reduced by the LR independent configuration.

In the front sub-panel, output signal, gain switching, left/ right balance adjustment, headphone level adjustment and gain adjustment, MM/MC switching, and MC cartridge load impedance adjustment with optional phono stage.

The rated output is 113 dB (111 dB for the "C-2850"), and the input conversion noise is -125 dBV (-123 dBV for the "C-2850"), lower noise than the previous model. Input terminals are two balanced XLR x 2 and unbalanced RCA x 6. Output is balanced XLR x 2, unbalanced RCA x 2, RECORDER, EXT PRE terminals.

The size in mm is 477D(18.7") x 156H(6.1") x 412w(16.2" ), weight 24.2kg (53.3lbs), power consumption 31W.

A dedicated remote control, power cable "APL-1", and audio cable "ASL-10B" are included.

The new phono equalizer "AD-2900" has an independent left and right configuration, MM/MC input circuits are also independent. Same design as "C-47", and the MC input stage uses a low-noise bipolar transistor, and the MM input stage uses a low-noise J-FET. Compatible with C-2900, C-2850, C-2820, C-2450, C-2420, C-2810, C-2800, C-2410, C-2400, C-290V and C-290.

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