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Make Best Speaker Cable Yourself

June 13, 2019

Total Cost $100 for parts & accessories.

(11ft Of W3104 Cable, Nylon Braiding, Banana Plugs)

Best Place to buy Mogami W3104 is Redco.                                                                      Here is my how to YouTube video


Parts Express Banana Plugs  

(16mm) Braided Nylon Sleeving

Nylon Sleeving Different Sizes

(13mm) Heat Think Tubing

(16MM) Heat Shrink Tubing(Tight Fit)

(19mm) Heat Shrink Tubing(Relax Fit)

Heat Gun

3 to 1 Shrink Ratio Tubing


Have Fun!!


If you don't feel like doing it yourself, get these cables from link below.




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