Audiophile Grade AC Power Cables,DIY


IEC & Main Connectors Must installed In Correct Polarity.

Failure to do so can result in Component Failure or Severe Electric Shock.

You Are Responsible For Your Own Safety.

****************Do It At Your Own Risk!******************

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Oyaide AC Cable by meter

Oyaide C-004 Connector

Oyaide P-004 Connector

1/2”(13mm) Heat Think Tubing

Braided Expendable Sleeving 3/8"(10mm)

Ungrounded Power Cord,

Mogami W3104 Cable(cheaper from Redco)

P-029 Connector

C-029 Connector

5/8” (16mm) Braided Nylon Sleeving

5/8” (16MM) Heat Shrink Tubing

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If You Don't Feel Like DIYing